About Me

Hello everyone, greetings from Turkey.

I have 16+ years of experience as a software developer.I have worked on many projects since i have started code somethings.

In the past time i had managed 2 different teams for develop “ERP” and “CRM” projects.

Now i’m working as senior software developer at “Modernistasyon” company in Turkey.

If i should to explain myself with one sentence,definitely it would be “Code is my life”.

I really love coding something,always trying to learn new things and trying to combine with my old experiences

I can develop mobile apps with React native but i’m not going to write it to “my skills” section because i have just developed 2 apps with it.

My Skills

Python is wasn’t my main programming language in the past,but last 1 years i’m using it as main programming language.
I’m working with it for the 4 years

Php was my main programming language 5 years ago.I used it 10 years but now i left it,because who needs php when know Python 🙂

C# is never became my first programming language,i always knew it but never used as main programming language.Because i don’t like it( please don’t think i like java,i hate java )
I have 4 years of experience with C#

C++ is the first programming language i had met.I saw this language when i was a child.
I’m not use it much but still i love it.
I have 2 years of experience with C++

The article that you see at above it just a little part of my career.İn addition that i have been developing IOT(Internet Of Things) projects with arduino and Raspberry Pi since 2017.

Another thing about me is that, i love to develop bots for anything.First bot that i’ve created was a mybb project.I called it “Pandora”.She was protecting my mybb forum.

When the forum users asked anything to Pandora,she could answer them perfectly.I had created her in 2011.I think she was one of the first developed assistants. In the 2012 i’ve stopped to develop Pandora for the personal reasons.

I have been working on AI(Artificial intelligence) projects since 2017.I study on machine learning and neural networks.The AI is sorrounding everywhere nowadays,on our tablet or mobile or computers.In the 2019 i have decided to develop pandora again.But this time she would not protect anything or she would not chat with users.She would be assistant for my computer and my home.First i have started to develop her for my computer.But now she can do much more things.